TOP LOC 232023 5G and Beyond

Welcome to the "5G and Beyond" course offered in cooperation with the Medipol University in Istanbul /Turkey.

In this program, we'll explore the evolution of mobile communication technology, from 5G to the cutting-edge advancements beyond. Discover the applications, standardization, radio access technologies, network architecture, multiple antenna systems, and new frequency bands that shape the future of wireless communication. Get ready to explore the exciting possibilities and potential technologies that lie ahead! Join us on this journey into the world of advanced wireless connectivity.

Target Group

Engineers, Technicians and Administrators

Your Benefits

By the end of the "5G and Beyond" course, participants will:

  • Understand the advancements from 5G to beyond and the role of standardization in global deployment.
  • Identify applications and usage scenarios for enhanced mobile broadband, URLLC, and mMTC.
  • Grasp the PHY structure, modulation, and channel coding techniques for efficient data transmission.
  • Evaluate the significance of multiple antenna systems, such as Massive MIMO and beamforming, in enhancing network performance.
  • Comprehend the 5G network architecture, including heterogeneous networks, cloud-RAN, and network slicing.
  • Explore the concepts of 5G beyond, like advanced waveform design, AI applications, non-terrestrial networks, and co-existence issues.
  • Develop insights into the future of wireless communication technologies.

This course equips participants with practical knowledge to navigate the dynamic world of advanced wireless connectivity.


Instructor Leader Led/ILL: Physical classroom environment

Key Features

  • Introduction to 5G and beyond
    • Applications, verticals and usage scenarios
    • 5G standardization
    • World deployment situation
    • Metrics and performance measures
  • NR PHY Structure and Radio Access Technologies
    • Modulation and channel coding
    • Multi-numerology OFDM
    • Frame structure
    • URLLC and industrial IoT
    • mMTC and NB-IoT
    • Mini-slot
    • Multiple access
    • Duplexing schemes
    • Dual connectivity
    • Dynamic spectrum sharing
  • Channel Modeling and New Frequency Bands
    • Spectrum for 5G and beyond
    • Evolution of channel modeling
    • Channel Models for 5G and Beyond
    • Channel Sparsity and Compressed Modeling
  • Multiple Antenna Systems for 5G and Beyond
    • Massive MIMO
    • Beamforming and beam management
    • Spatial modulation techniques
    • Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces
    • Network-Controlled Repeater
  • 5G Networking
    • Network architecture
    • Heterogenous and ultra dense networks
    • Standalone and non-stand alone
    • Cloud-RAN and Virtual-RAN
    • Mobile edge computing
    • Network slicing and sharing
    • Network function virtualization (NFV)
    • Software Defined Networking (SDN)
  • 5G Beyond Concepts
    • Candidate waveforms for 6G
    • Multiple access for 6G
    • Security issues for 5G beyond
    • Sensing, joint radar & communication
    • AI and ML applications for 5G and beyond
    • Symbiotic radio • Non-terrestrial networks
    • Co-existence and interference issues
    • Open RAN


Dates on request / Language: English, Turkish


10 Days


Dates on request / Language: English, Turkish

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