Seminar program for Telecommunications Professionals

Seminar program for Telecommunications Professionals

Choose from a modular program consisting of training courses and seminars. Do you want to tailor the contents and topics exactly to your goals and situation? Very simple: You can also book all our seminars & trainings as IN-HOUSE offer. If you wish, we can invite you to our virtual seminar room or offer you web-based training for independent learning.

Features & Benefits

  • Tailor-made training through in-depth advice and analysis of training needs
  • Well thought out to the last detail - Seminar preparation and follow-up
  • Secure learning success through the use of different learning techniques - e-learning, distance learning, classroom training, exercises
  • Telecommunications expertise "Up to Date" through various sources: 3GPP, IEEE, IEC, manufacturer specific implementations
  • Concentrated know-how - our team of experts: 30 employees + 100 freelancers

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Telecommunications Team

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