With this knowledge, we have been accompanying our customers for over 30 years on the difficult path of rapid development in the telecommunications industry.

Our Way from Philips Akademie to TOP Business GmbH


Following a M.B.O., Philips Akademie becomes T.O.P. Business Training GmbH (Philips-independent)


T.O.P. Business Training GmbH and T.O.P. Business Consult GmbH are merged to become TOP Business AG (Corp.)


TOP Business AG becomes a member of Grundig Akademie Gruppe

  • Offices in Nuremberg and Hamburg
  • Training Center in Nuremberg (15 class rooms, 3,200m² floor space)
  • 40 core employees
  • 100+ freelancer partners
  • 150 core employess within Grundig Akademie Gruppe


TOP Business AG become TOP Business GmbH