TOP LOC 202023 Introduction to Digital Age

Welcome to the "Introduction to the Digital Age" course offered in cooperation with the Medipol University in Istanbul /Turkey.

This is an introductory course to digital age introducing the digital systems, digital world and applications, the simplified theory of digital world. In this transformative era, where the digital realm shapes every facet of our lives, understanding the fundamental concepts that underpin our interconnected world is crucial. This course will be your gateway to comprehending the essence of digital communication, networking, and information theory. From the transition from analog to digital to the intricacies of signal processing and network structures, you will gain insights that will enable you to navigate and thrive in this rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Target Group

Engineers, Technicians and Administrators

Your Benefits

By the conclusion of this course, you will have the ability to:

  • Understand the profound impact of the digital age on communication, technology, and society, appreciating the significance of the shift from analog to digital systems.
  • Understand the concept of bits as the foundational units of digital data, delve into the principles of information theory, and apply source encoding techniques for optimal data transmission.
  • Trace the history of communication from its analog roots to the digital present, exploring the evolution of mobile, wireless communication, and the role of technology in shaping connectivity.
  • Navigate through the essential building blocks of digital communication systems, including modulation techniques and signal processing components, to comprehend their roles in information exchange.
  • Grasp the basics of communication channels, gaining insights into their characteristics and behaviors as conduits for transmitting digital signals.
  • Acquire proficiency in digital modulation techniques, enabling you to encode digital information onto carrier signals for seamless and efficient transmission.
  • Analyze signals and waves in both time and frequency domains, utilizing the Nyquist theorem and signal processing techniques to decode and interpret their characteristics.
  • Explore the concept of networked cyber-physical systems, from cellular networks to energy grids, and dissect the communication dynamics between interconnected nodes.
  • Gain a profound understanding of the mechanisms behind node communication, energy transfer, and the exchange of data and signals, fostering effective information dissemination.


Instructor Leader Led/ILL: Physical classroom environment

Key Features

  • Digital Age
  • Analog to Digital
  • Bits
  • Information, Entropy, and Source Encoding
  • Digital Communication
  • History of Communication
  • Mobile and Wireless Communication
  • Basic Components of Digital Communication Systems
  • Basics of Communication Channel
  • Digital Modulation
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Signal and waves
  • Discrete and continuous (Nyquist theorem)
  • Processing signals
  • Representing/Viewing signals in different domains (time and frequency)
  • Sinusoidal representation of signal
  • Sinusoidal waves and frequency spectrum
  • Network and Cyber Physical Systems
  • Network of physical things (example; cellular networks, energy grid)
  • Communication of nodes
  • Transfer of energy, data, or SIGNAL from one node to another


Dates on request / Language: English, Turkish


5 Days


Dates on request / Language: English, Turkish

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