Mitel MiVoice MX-ONE Application Trainings

TOP LOC 152023 MICC Enterprise Supervisor for End-User

The course is designed for service partners and call center supervisors who need a technical and detailed understanding of the MiCC Enterprise Reporting Manager.

Target Group

Call Center Supervisors


The MiCC Enterprise Supervisor should have some basic understanding of different operating and reporting systems.

Your Benefits

Upon completion of the course the supervisor will be able to use, configure and manage the MiCC Reporting Manager.


Instructor Leader Led/ILL: Physical classroom environment

Remote Leader Led/RLL: Virtual classroom environment

Hybrid: ILL or RLL. You can attend the course on-site or remotely.

Equipment and Setup Requirements for Remote Leader Led Training:

  • Equipment to participate in a video conference, e.g. headset
  • Two PCs or one PC with dual screens.
  • Four Mitel SIP Phones (68xxi/69xx series).
  • One Layer 2, PoE Switch to support the IP Phones High Speed Internet connection. 2 Mbps download and 400 Kbps upload minimum recommended speeds. A Mitel/Aastra power supply for the SIP phone is also acceptable.

Further information will be provided prior to the start of the course.

Key Features

Day 1

  • MiCC Enterprise Overview
  • Agent Settings and Customerzation
  • Agent Supervisor Settings
  • Understanding Reporting and Routing Basics

Day 2

  • Data Collection and Database Overview
  • Statistical Events and Calculations
  • Realtime and Historical Statistics
  • Information Manager Overview

Day 3

  • Information Manager Reports and Details
  • Report Manager Overview
  • Report Manager Reports and Details
  • Customized Reporting Options


Dates on request


3 Days


Dates on request


TOP Certification

Contact Person

Natalie Frisch

+49 911 40 905 303

+49 163 8528013