TOP LOC 1610 MiVoice MX-ONE Security

Mitel Call Servers are integrated in Network IT Infrastructure of the company.

The course qualifies technicians to develop the transfer of the necessary knowledge to evaluate and understand the resulting security problems and how to protect the the IT - and Telephony Infrastructure of own company and customer companies.

Target Group

Engineers, Technicians, Installers, Maintainers and Administrators



  • TOP LOC 0001 MiVoice MX-ONE Configuration & Maintenance Core 1
  • Basic knowledge about operating Systems and server components
  • Basic knowledge about SIP and SIP Trunking

Your Benefits

Upon completion of the course, students will receive a thorough understanding to secure the IT - and Telephony Infrastructure of the own company and customer companies.


ILL / RLL / Hybrid course providing an equal mix of theoretical delivery and practical exercises.

If you want to participate remotely, please note the following technical requirements.

  • Equipment to participate in a video conference e.g. headset
  • Two PCs or one PC with dual screens. One will be for the web session and the other is for documentation access.

Further information will be provided prior to the start of the course.

Key Features

  • Certificate Management
  • Certificate and Key Management
  • TLS Handshake
  • Preparation and Work Process
  • Strategies of Certificate Handling
  • Create and install a default certificate and activate TLS
  • Create a ROOT Certificate
  • Import of a Signed Certificate
  • Managing TLS in the MiVoice MX-ONE
  • VoIP Security
  • Enabling security with valid VoIP security License
  • Changing the Security Policy
  • Steps to install and setup VoIP security
  • No Security Policy
  • All Secure Policy
  • All Secure with Extension Exception
  • All Secure with Exception Type
  • Media Encryption
  • Check Signalling Security


Dates on request


3 Days


Dates on request


TOP Certification

Contact Person

Natalie Frisch

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