MiVoice MX-ONE R. 7.4 Installation & Maintenance Update Leader Led

This course will help you to receive your update on MiVoice MX-ONE certification to Release 7.4.

Students will have the opportunity to learn the new features of the MiVoice MX-ONE with a trainer. With the usage of our training room you will get familiar with the new MiVoice MX-ONE features with practical exercises during the training.

Students who are certified on release 6.3 (no more than five years old) and higher are welcome to enroll in this course.

After completion of the course you will be certified directly on Release 7.4 without redoing the relevant web learns.

Target Group

Technicians, Installers & Maintainers


In order to enroll in this course, students must have completed:

  • MiVoice MX-ONE R. 6.3 Certification

Recommended but not required

  • Certification on Release 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3

Key Features

The following topics are covered during this training:

MX-ONE 7.4 Changes

MX-ONE 7.4 Updates-System

  • System Requirements
  • Application Support

MX-ONE 7.4 Updates - Structural Changes

  • Microsoft Azure
  • MiContact Center Business
  • Microsoft Active Directory Authentication
  • CSTA lll Support for ASC Call Recording
  • CSTA lll Support for Restricted A Number Passing
  • Licensing of Third Party DECT Phones
  • VDP Login Supports Corporate Login
  • Media Server New Cidec Support
  • Support For NEW IP Base Station Hardware
  • New Dell Server - R440
  • Support for Mitel 5634 WiFi handset
  • MX-ONE Next Generation Tool

MX-ONE 7.4 Upgrade - Programming Changes

  • Multiple Remote Extensions on Multi Terminal Extension (Multiplicity)
  • Terminal Selection Service
  • Call Diversion on No Answer and Busy
  • Call Pickup - Calling and Called Party display
  • Central Log Service - Original Number Display For Group Pickup
  • Support Arabic Text
  • Cascading Ring Group Enhancements
  • Hotel Phone - Clearing Contact Info
  • MiCollab - Receiving Call Info when Busy
  • SNM/PM To Support Encrypted Phone Config Files
  • Other Changes in mxone_maintenance - NTP
  • Other Changes in mxone_maintenance - DNS
  • Personal Number List - ACD/CTI Group
  • RVA Messages Play Before Answer
  • Audio Blip Heard Before MiCC-E Message
  • Held Calls Dropped with Certain Public SIP Trunks
  • AD Sync Enhancements with Provisioning Manager


Dates on request


3 Days


Dates on request


Mitel Certification

Contact Person

Natalie Frisch

+49 911 40 905 303

+49 163 8528013