TOP LOC 1524 Advanced Configuration of MiVoice MX-ONE

This course serves as a refresher and specialisation course for experienced MX-ONE specialists. Existing knowledge is bundled in the course and expanded with deep technical insights in order to be able to solve problems in the field faster and more targeted.

Target Group

MX-ONE specialists at Mitel partners in the technical field with several years of experience in this environment


The student should be certified on MiVoice MX-ONE Core 1 & 2 and should have active experience on the MiVoice MX-ONE.

Your Benefits

Students will get a deeper technical insight into the inner workings of the MiVoice MX-ONE, a refresher on the most important new features of the latest releases, and a deepening of already known functions in a centric SIP communication landscape".


The course will be held in ILL or RLL

Key Features

The following topics are covered during this training:

Planning of networked systems (Private Network Routing)

  • SIP trunks (public / cross connections)
  • Least-Cost-Routing (LCR)
  • Network components
  • Media paths and ports
  • Quality of Service (QoS)

Logging / Tracing

  • Call logging (CDR)
  • Mobility logging (DECT)
  • PU Traces (SIPLP, SLP60, NUD and as required)
  • Network tracing
  • System logs

Diagnostic systems

  • Alarms & alarm actions
  • System status
  • Diagnosis of PUs
  • Recoverymode

Handling of emergency calls (logged on / logged off terminals)

Call forwarding functions

  • Call forwarding (internal / external)
  • Call forwarding with lists (PEN)
  • Delay lists (Delay Seizure)


  • Certificates
  • VoIP
    • Signalling
    • Media
  • Web services (PM / SNM)

System services

  • Cassandra
  • SNMP
  • Virtualization


Date and VenuePrice incl. V.A.T.V.A.T. 
16.11.2020 - 20.11.2020 Remote Leader Led/RLL
3.387,20 EUR
16,00 %
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5 days


Remote Leader Led/RLL
16.11.2020 - 20.11.2020
Language: English


Mitel Certification



Contact Person

Natalie Frisch
Tel.: +49 911 40 905 303
Mobil: +49 163 8528013