MiVoice MX-ONE R. 7.3 Installation & Maintenance Core - Special Certification

The course is designed for engineers, training and service partners as well for customer engineers who need a technical and detailed understanding of the MiVoice MX-ONE and have  previous experience with the MiVoice MX-ONE platform. The course is the entry ticket for all partners who have a long experience on the MiVoice MX-ONE platform to re-enter the Mitel Partner Program to meet the certification criteria.

Target Group

Engineers, Training and Service Partners,Technicians


  • MiVoice MX-ONE Primer
  • Longterm experience on MiVoice MX-ONE R. 5.0 and R. 6.0



The MiVoice MX-ONE Special Course provides an equal mix of theoratical delivery and practical exercises. 

Key Features

The following topics are covered during this training:

Day 1

  • Mitel Connect - KB - eDocs - CPI document
  • Mitel FTP WebPage - Software Download Center for Software Products
  • Create a bootable USB and DVD from an MX-ONE image file.
  • Installation on ASU Server and VmWare Platforms
  • Installation and Configuration PM

Day 2

  • Create numbering plan
  • CAT and CSP (create CSP for IP extensions and CAT for analog-digital telephones)
  • 68xx IP phones upgrade - conversion from Minet to SIP to Minet (69xx)
  • Create startup.cfg fell for IP phones.
  • DHCP installation on MX-ONE (with option 66)
  • Activating the embedded TFTP server on MX-ONE

Day 3

  • Creation and IP extension
  • Changing keys on the IP extension
  • Configuration for SMDR
  • MGU Card IP Change - Upgrade
  • Creating a Gateway with MGU and MS
  • Create SIP trunk between students MX-ONEs

Day 4

  • Add a Freeserver
  • Configure Freeserver for N+1
  • Conifgure Freeserver for Lim2
  • Create IP extensions on Lim2
  • Perform Backup (PC-REGEN and eri_sn_safety_backup)
  • Recovery from eri_sn_safety_backup and PC-REGEN

Day 5

  • Questions and answers
  • Crontab
  • Traces (for IP extensions and trunks)
  • Test


Date and VenuePrice incl. V.A.T.V.A.T. 
02.11.2020 - 06.11.2020 Remote Leader Led/RLL
3.387,20 EUR
16,00 %
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5 days


Remote Leader Led/RLL
02.11.2020 - 06.11.2020
Language: English


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Contact Person

Natalie Frisch
Tel.: +49 911 40 905 303
Mobil: +49 163 8528013