MiContact Center Enterprise Core Part 2 - I&M Leader Led


This course is designed for Technicians, Installers, and Maintainers. The MiCC Enterprise R. 9.4 Core 2 covers fundamental tasks in installing and configuring MiContact Center Enterprise special features.  


Technicians, Installers & Maintainers


In order to enroll in this course, students must have:

  • Knowledge of the basic concept of computers and/or PC´s
  • Knowledge of operating system
  • Notion of SQL Data Base and Microsoft Exchange
  • Knowledge of MX-ONE Telephony System

Equipment and Resources

  • MX-One on actual software
  • One server to install OAS and Solidus
  • One computer to Install MiContact Center Agent



  • The MiCC Enterprise Core 2 builds on the topics covered in Core 1 and covers additional call center facilities beyond the basic call handling tasks. 
  • Installation, configuration, management and troubleshooting of the additional facilities of the system. 
  • Certification of MiCC Enterprise R. 9.4 Core 2 and full certified technician on MiCC Enterprise. 
  • Enrollment to the Extended Script Manager for MiCC Enterprise is possible.



The course takes place in an Instructor leader led classroom with practical exercises.


The following topics are covered during this training:

Contents of MiContact Center Enterprise Special Features

  • Web Callback
  • Script Manager Callback
  • Configuration Webservice API
  • Phone Agents; Enhancements and ACD
  • Open Media Connect
  • Campaigns
  • Web Scheduler Portal
  • Voice XML
  • Session Information Service
  • Mobile Applications
  • Web Manager
  • Social Media
  • Switch Independence
  • Avalanche Message 


5 days


Dates on request


Mitel Certification