TOP LOC 3002 Mitel InAttend Advanced Deployment & Maintenance & Troubleshooting


Mitel InAttend R. 2.6 is the new Mitel switchboard solution designated to replace the previous DNA-based Operator.

The objective of the course is to enable Mitel partners to effectively deploy, maintain and integrate the Mitel InAttend switchboard solution in customer environments.




Service technicians, system engineers, support engineers, system designers


Participants must have thorough practical working knowledge as covered in the course Mitel InAttend Basics Installation & Configuration TOP LOC 3001.



The objective of the course is to enable Mitel partners to effectively deploy, maintain and integrate the new Mitel switchboard solution in customer environments.

This includes skills like:

  • LDAP Integration
  • Advanced operation scenarios
  • Maintenance, change management
  • Backup & Restore
  • Troubleshooting


The Mitel InAttend Advanced Maintenance & Deployment course is an instructor lead course providing with experienced concepts and practical exercises.Technical Equipment will be available to enable students to implement the subjects of the course.



LDAP Integration

  • Practical case studies for using Microsoft Active Directory or other customer LDAP-based master data as directory for Mitel InAttend.
  • Connecting to mutiple LDAP hosts, using LDAP filter
  • Customizing Mitel LDAP server (TSLDAP), redundant operation, data import fom customer LDAP-based data bases of from CSV files(s)
  • Using LDAP-Mitel CMG Connector

Advanced operation scenarios

  • Implementing multi-PBX and multi-sites environments
  • Configuring Mitel InAttend for multiple client connections
  • Configuring QOS for Mitel InAttend
  • Maintenance,change management:
  • Moving Mitel InAttend client connections to a new server by using a script
  • Moving the Mitel InAttend configuration databases to another SQL Server
  • Changing network ports used by Mitel InAttend system components
  • Changing user Name and/ or password og the SQL user and Windows service account
  • Monitoring of Mitel and Windows services relevant for the operation of Mitel InAttend Server
  • Using Mitel Update Service for updating Mitel InAttend clients

Backup & Restore

  • Backup and restore of configuration settings of all Mitel InAttend server and client component
  • Practical case study: disaster recorvery of Mitel InAttend Server


  • Configuring logfiles, using tools and scripts for reading and collecting logfiles and relevant system information for opening support tickets. 


5 days


Dates on request