TOP LOC 0017 MiVoice MX-ONE LVM and RAID


While the installation of MiVoice MX-ONE on a server with a single hard disk simply creates the well known partitions, the installation on an ASU-E with two hard disks behaves differently. In this case two the technologies Logical Volume Manager (LVM) and RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) are employed automatically. Both, LVM and RAID, are abstraction layers between physical hard disk and logical storage space but with different objectives.

With LVM usually a number of smaller hard disks is combined to a big storage pool, which then is used to provide a number of logical partitions to the operating system.

On the other hand, RAID offers redundancy, thus reliability.

Among many other benefits the technology LVM provides the functionality of so called snapshots. These snapshots behave similar to the snapshots known from virtualization – they can be used to roll back failed maintenance tasks (like upgrade, service pack, hotfix) and they provide the ability to take a consistent backup without downtime.

Because of this, it may be of interest to use LVM not only in the “special case” installation (ASU-E with two hard disks), but in other installation scenarios also. And of course there are many other cases where it makes sense to employ RAID.

The course „MiVoice MX-ONE LVM and RAID” delivers the knowledge and know-how to use the technologies LVM and RAID independently from each other or in combination. Additionally it is shown how to use LVM and RAID with MiVoice MX-ONE and how to prepare and perform appropriate installations.

In practical exercises the participants will not only perform such installations but do maintenance tasks like backup, restore, hard disk replacement, enlarging and shrinking storage space and others, whereby they get the necessary skills which they will need at the customer site.


The course is designed for Service Partner and Engineers who are required to install, configure and maintain the MiVoice MX-ONE.


The participants should have at least basic knowledge regarding networking, Linux and MiVoice MX-ONE.


The main objective of the course is to provide the background knowledge to use LVM and RAID appropriately in MiVoice MX-ONE environments.

After this course the Participants are able to customize and optimize MiVoice MX-ONE installations to archive additional benefits like ease of maintenance and fault tolerance.


The course MiVoice MX-ONE LVM and RAID is an instructor led course providing an equal mix of theoretical delivery and practical exercises. Equipment will be available to enable students to install, configure and test the functions listed above.


Using a balanced mix of theory, demonstrations and practical exercises, the MiVoice MX-ONE LVM and RAID course covers the following topics:

  • LVM (Logical Volume Manager) Basics and Overview
  • Concepts and Architecture of LVM
  • Commands for the Implementation and Maintenance of LVM
  • RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) Basics and Overview
  • Concepts and Architecture of RAID
  • Commands for the Implementation and Maintenance of RAID
  • Monitoring of RAID
  • Where and when to use LVM and RAID
  • Preliminary considerations for MiVoice MX-ONE installations with LVM and RAID
  • Performing a MiVoice MX-ONE installations with LVM and RAID
  • Backup and Restore with a LVM snapshot
  • Enlarging and Shrinking of LVM-Storage
  • Replacement of Hard Disks
  • Recover from Failure


4 days


Dates on request


Mitel Certification