TOP LOC 0012/01 Virtualization for Mitel Call Manager


With the knowledge of this course the engineers are able to use a virtual Mitel Call Manager with their laptop and in their lab.
To have a virtual Mitel Call Manager always available is not only helpful for troubleshooting but makes it easier and faster, to get familiar with the Mitel Call Manager.
To use virtualization in lab environment means to reduce the investment in server hardware dramatically.


The course is designed for Service Partner and customer engineers who are required to install, configure and maintain the Mitel Call Manager.


There are no prerequisites for this course but basic knowledge about the call manager and Linux will be helpful.


Virtualization is the technology that will have the most impact on information technology – this is what important analysts say. Fact is that modern IT-infrastructures are using virtualization and it is hard to imagine how they would look like without this fantastic technology.
The course Mitel Call Manager Virtualization was developed to give engineers who are required to install, configure and maintain the Mitel Call Manager comprehensive knowledge about the capabilities and benefits of virtualization and how to use it with Mitel Call Manager.

The main objective of the course is how to use virtualization products like VMware Player, Workstation, ESXi for virtualization of Mitel Call Manager.


The Mitel Call Manager Virtualization course is an instructor leader led course providing an equal mix of theoretical delivery and practical exercises. Equipment will be available to enable students to install, configure and test the functions listed above.


Using a balanced mix of theory and practical exercises, the Linux Advanced course covers the following topics:

  • Benefits of virtualization
  • What you can do with virtualization and what not
  • Installation and configuration of VMware Player, Workstation and ESXi.
  • Create, configure and maintain virtual machines
  • Create a virtual Mitel Call Manager Telephony System
  • Virtual network configuration
  • Copy and move virtual machines
  • Snapshots and clones
  • Virtual hard disks
  • Performance and security with virtual machines


3 days


Dates on request


Mitel Certification