TOP LOC 1587 Wireshark


The free available tool Wireshark is probably the most often used sniffer program. Among others, Wireshark can capture and analyze network traffic which helps to locate software and hardware problems.

But like with other powerful tools there is a lot of knowledge required to use Wireshark effectively.

The course “Wireshark – Workshop” was designed to transfer the knowledge and skills on how to use Wireshark in different scenarios in an appropriate manner.


The course is designed for technicians in the telephony environment.


Appropriate knowledge regarding network communication, OSI Model and TCP/IP is mandatory.


Main Objective of the course is to deliver the knowledge and capabilities regarding installation, configuration and effectively usage of Wireshark to isolate network communication problems.


The wireshark workshop is an instructure lead course incl. practical excerises


The course enables the participants to use Wireshark and accompanying command line tools in different situations in the most effectively way to perform troubleshooting, fault tracing and maintenance on complex systems in telephony environment. They are familiar with the functionality of capture filters and display filters and can use them appropriately. They know about structures and methods of packet analysis and they can use Wireshark in an effective way.


In a balanced mix of theory, demonstration and exercises, the course covers the following topics:

  • History and development of Wireshark
  • Architecture, concepts and components of Wireshark
  • How Wireshark works
  • What Wireshark can and what not
  • Which packets are visible to Wireshark and which are not
  • Installation and configuration of Wireshark on Windows and Linux
  • Sniffer on shared and switched media
  • Sniffer on local and remote interfaces
  • Syntax and usage of capture filters
  • Handling capture files
  • Structures and methods of packet analysis
  • Syntax and usage of display filters
  • Defining and saving filters and filter macros
  • Following TCP streams
  • Reassembling of packets
  • Useful command line tools
  • RTP-Analyze
  • VoIP-Analyze
  • SIP-Analyze
  • H.323-Analyze


3 days


Dates on request


Mitel Certification