MiVoice MX-ONE 7.x Update and Refresher RLL EN


This training will provide information on the new features offered in Mitel MiVoice MX-ONE rel 7.X. Taking this training will update the technician’s certification status to MiVoice MX-ONE rel 7.X. This training is for those technicians who have been previously certified on MX-ONE rel 6.3.


Technicians, Installers & Maintainers


In order to enroll in this course, students must have MiVoice MX-ONE rel 7.0 certification.


The following topics are covered during this training:

  • Overview
  • Branding and Naming ChangeLicensing Structure ReviewNew Functionality overview
  • DVD Setup to Release 6.3
  • VMWare
  • Setup in VMWare (pre installation of OVA)Install MX-ONE on VMWareAdd MX-ONE to System
  • Installation
  • 1 server up to SNM Login3 servers up to SNM LoginOS InstallationService Node Manager Installation (including Virtual Server Installation)Provisioning Manager InstallationConfiguring the Service Node to use the Provisioning Manager for Authentication
  • Maintenance and Advanced installations
  • Change IP Addresses of MGU LiteAdd MX-ONE as standby serverHLR server redundancy, network redundancyMedia Server on MX-ONERemove ClusterStandalone PM ServersStandalone Media ServersInstalling Soft MGU, ToolboxInstall MX-ONE on an ASU=E with recovery DVD and an external DVD driveDHCPMulti TenantIP Phone Software ServerRing group/cascade ringing
  • System Backups/Restores
  • Provisioning Manager - BackupService Node – BackupScheduling Automatic BackupsRestore from a Safety BackupRestore the PM Data
  • PC-Regen and Export of PM Data
  • Extraction of MX-ONE 6.3 exchange dataRestore PC-Regen Data
  • Upgrades
  • OS UpgradeService Node Manager UpgradeProvisioning Manager Upgrade
Date and VenuePrice incl. V.A.T.V.A.T. 
20.05.2019 - 22.05.2019 İstanbul
1.749,30 €19,00 %
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19.08.2019 - 21.08.2019 İstanbul
1.749,30 €19,00 %
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14.10.2019 - 16.10.2019 İstanbul
1.749,30 €19,00 %
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3 days


from 20.05.2019 to 22.05.2019
from 19.08.2019 to 21.08.2019
from 14.10.2019 to 16.10.2019


Mitel Certification