.TOP LOC 1050 MX-ONE Presales Course for Release 7.0


The course is intended to train the participants about the relevant telephony server issues and requires no prior knowledge of Installation, Configuration or Maintenance on Linux Operating Systems. Participation in the course is a necessary step towards competence certification.


The course is designed for service parterns and customers working in Pre-Sales. (Engineers, Technicians and Solution Designers)


General Technical Understanding


The course provides a hands-on accurate insight on the MiVoice MX-ONE V7.0 plattform.


The course is an LL (Leader Led) course. Practical and Theoretical excersises will be done in the course.


With use of a balanced mix of theoretical and practical training content of the "MiVoice MX-ONE V7.0" Pre-Sales course, the course covers following topics:

Please kindly note:

The extent to which the above-mentioned content is supplied as a reference material, (theoretical or practical tasks) will be dependent on the skills and needs of the participants. Not all modules are formally shown, but there are detailed explanations for all areas in the training documentation. Participants are advised to inform the instructor if there are particular issues they wish to address during the course.

Composition and structure of the MiVoice MX-ONE

New Branch Note Gateways
Applications and interfaces
Administrative tools and customer administration PM and SNM (Provisioning Manager and Service Node Manager) Upgrades (How does an upgrade works from an TSEx to TSE 7.0 what to look for, which hardware should be replaced or which restricions are to be expected with old hardware and which feature can not be used or limited).

LAN integration at the customer (Which protocols and ports are used)
IP integration (differences of phone types and areas of application, particularly when replacing or mixed operation of 673X,68xxi and DBCxxi phones)
Feature description and technical questions, the focus is on feasibility and creation of system designs and concepts.

Corporate Directory (differences in analog / digital to IP terminals)
Integration of Active Directory LDAP structures
Selection and use of proper operator applications and any backup operation (InAttend)
Simplified Licenses

Monitoring and supervision of the system and applications
Insights and possibilities with scripting
Site Planning Backup structures


3 days


Dates on request


Mitel Certificat