VMware - Migration to Hyper-V; Virtualisation Technology for Features on Windows Server 2019


With the introduction of Windows Server 2019, the virtualisation technology is renewed. VMware is migrating to Hyper-V; virtualisation technology for installation and configuration features.

Target Group

Technical staff from

  • Enterprise networks responsible for network integration, operation and maintenance.
  • Infrastructure and terminal equipment suppliers.
  • Software companies and measurement suppliers responsible for development, production, quality monitoring, service and documentation.


Hyper-V; Virtualisation Technology for Installation and Configuration Features on Windows Server 2019 Enduser-Workshop



The VMware - Migration to Hyper-V; Virtualisation Technology for Features on Windows Server 2019 course provides a balance of theoretical delivery and hands-on demonstration.

Equipment Requirements for the RLL course:

  • Equipment to participate in a video conference e.g. headset
  • Two PCs or one PC with dual screens. One will be for the web session and the other is fdocumentation access.

Further information will be provided prior to the start of the course.

Key Features

VMware ESXi Basics

  • What"s New?
  • Planning basics
  • Hardware requirements/compatibility
  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Service Level
  • UpdateSecurity
  • Practical exercises

VMware Workstation

  • Handling
  • Practical exercises (labs)

vSphere Hypervisor

  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Creation of virtual machines
  • Reservation of resources
  • Working with snapshots
  • Security
  • Practical exercises

Migration from VMware to Hyper-V

  • Planning
  • Practical exercises (labs)


Dates on request


1 Day


Dates on request


TOP Certification

Contact Person

Natalie Frisch

Tel: +49 911 40 905 303

Mobile: +49 163 8528013