MiVoice MX-ONE R. 7.3 - Mitel Certification EXAM

The exam is designed for engineers and service partners as well as customer engineers who need a certified technical and detailed understanding of the MiVoice MX-ONE R. 7.3.

If you would like to refresh your MiVoice MX-ONE R. 7.3 knowledge for the exam, you are able to book a training day one day prior to the exam.

Target Group

Engineers, Training and Service Partners, Customer Engineers, Technicians


Work experience on the MiVoice MX-ONE is obligatory.

Your Benefits

After passing the exam, the MiVoice MX-ONE Rel 7.3 Technical Certification Completed, the compentency MiVoice MX-ONE Rel 7.3 Technical competency and access to support are granted.

If you fail the exam, the instructor will inform you with general details of the areas where you fell-short.

Students can book a retake exam anytime subject to receipt of payments. Note the retake exam will be a different customer scenario & students may have unlimited attempts.


This practical exam will have a time limit of 7.5 hours.

It is acceptable for students to access and utilize other resources during the exam including:

  • Mitel official websites
  • Technical websites
  • Search engines
  • Technical documentation

Key Features

This is a Instructor Leader Led or a Remote Leader Led practical exam.

On commencement of the exam students will be given a scenario for a MiVoice MX-ONE installation. System set up information will be provided along with a list of tasks that are required to be completed. Varying points will be awarded for every task, depending on its complexity, and students must achieve a minimum of 80% to pass the exam.

This will require the students to be proficient in the following areas:

  • Licensing and Installation & Maintenance
  • Manager Provisioning
  • MiVoice MX-ONE Extensions and Extension Features
  • Features
  • System Backups
  • Call Routing
  • Alarm and Fault Handling
  • Redundancy
  • Emergency Calling
  • MiVoice MX-ONE DHCP
  • Fault locating
  • Tracing
  • Call Information Logging
  • SNMP
  • Security


Dates on request


1 Day


Dates on request


Mitel Certification

Contact Person

Natalie Frisch

Tel: +49 911 40 905 303

Mobile: +49 163 8528013