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just as the sunrise in the mountains heralds the start of a promising new day, it also defines the beginning of a new year. Let our morning mood encourage you to embark on new, hopeful projects that will allow you to look successfully into the future.

Knowledge is power! This is the message for 2024, which is characterized by new technologies. Whichever transformation prevails, it is important for everyone to keep up.

TOP Business, your Mitel Authorized Training Partner, has developed a series of new courses to connect the different technologies in telecommunications. Be it understanding the security standards behind UC solutions or connecting the new applications in virtualization environments.
TOP has over 30 years of knowledge and experience in working with Mitel PBXs. They are constantly being improved by new developments and adapted to the challenges of the market.

Please check the latest release of the Mitel Program at “Power UP” with a lot of new inventions.
Kindly check your current Partner Status and get certified with TOP Business being the Mitel Authorized Partner on Mitel PBX and its applications.

TOP is offering special courses for your region with our Mitel Certified Trainers.

These courses are MiContact Center Enterprise and MiCollab on MiVoice MX-ONE and MiVoice Business.

Please look at our training program and we are very happy to help you to find the suitable training for you.
If you have the need for training, please enrol yourself in the LMS/MiAccess System.
Your enrolment will be carefully registered, and you will be informed about your current personalized updates before the course begins.

For more information, please do not hesitate to click on our TOP Website or to visit Mitel’s official website.

Furthermore, we offer a wide range of end-user training courses for your customers: IT PBX Enduser Training / EndUserCatalog (

The TOP Team would like to thank you for the good cooperation and wishes a successful, peaceful and happy New Year 2024.

Training at TOP Type Days Save the Date in 2024
      1st Date 2nd Date 3rd Date Location / Time Zone
MiCC Enterprise R. 9.7 I&M Core - Part 1 (Int.) Hybrid 5 17 - 21 June Dubai / CEST
MiCC Enterprise R. 9.7 I&M Core - Part 2 (Int.) Hybrid 5 24 - 28 June Dubai / CEST
MiCC Enterprise Extended Script Manager (Int.) (TOP LOC 1751) RLL 3 15 - 17 May 29 - 31 May CEST
MiCollab R. 9.7 I&M on MiVoice MX-ONE (Int.) Hybrid 5 06 - 10 May Istanbul / CEST
MiCollab R. 9.7 I&M on MiVoice Business (Int.) RLL 5 15 - 19 April CEST

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