Telecommunication Standards Training

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We have some new seminars around the wireless communication technology LTE/EPC showing the Wireless Landscape Evolution to LTE and pointing out the LTE Essentials as well. Please have a look!

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New Seminars around LTE available:

LTE Basic Plus 

From 2G to 4G


New Mitel MX-ONE Courses

LZU 103 1190 Mi Voice MX-ONE V6.0 News

LZU 103 1191 Mi Voice MX-ONE V6.0 I&M

TOP LOC 0001 Mi Voice MX-ONE Linux Administration

TOP LOC 0002 Mi Voice MX-ONE Linux Advanced

TOP LOC 0012 Mi Call Manager Manager Virtualisation I

TOP LOC 0013 Mi Call Manager Manager Virtualisation II

TOP LOC 1450 Mi Call Centre Solidus eCare & OAS V8.3 SP1

TOP LOC 1022 CMG BluStar Collaboration Management I&M

TOP LOC 3001 Mi InAttend V2.0 I&M Basics