Our Pre-sales Course portfolio enables you to better support your sales representatives: 

  • Feature understanding to better answer Requests for Quotations
  • Unique Reasons To Buy (URTB) per solution linked to each specific customer situation
  • Translation of customer requirements into solutions
  • Efficient dimensioning of solution components including pre-requisite IT environment

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PreSales Training Schedule

TOP LOC 1470 Solidus eCare 8.1 PreSales DatesDuration and Price
Dates on request2 Tage

TOP LOC 3009 Workshop InAttend for Solution Designer and PresalersDatesDuration and Price

Aastra InAttend is the new Aastra switchboard solution. The objective of the course is to enable Aastra partners to effectively design and to plan the installation and operation of Aastra InAttend in customer environments.

Dates on request3 days

Workshop "Virtualization for Presales"DatesDuration and Price

The virtualization of server systems continues to increase and is an indispensable part of modern IT infrastructures.

Dates on request3 days